Tornado Chasing across the Great Plains
Race into cat and mouse suspense chasing the world's most violent weather during a meteorological dodgeball game.
Cloud 9 Tours
405 447 3171

Ice Climbing in Ouray's Ice Park
Step gingerly into the yawning throat of a frozen gorge coated with nine-storey icicles.
San Juan Mountain Guides
970 325 4925

Lava Trekking at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
Hike into a methane gas death zone of exploding trees where molten flows sizzle and create a new landscape.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
808 985 6000

Snorkeling with Spawning Salmon in British Columbia
Cruise an out of body experience floating with waves of spawning salmon on the Campbell River.
Paradise Found Adventure Tours
250 287 2652

Canyoneering into the Colorado Plateau
Squeeze through claustrophobic fissures and down into an unseen sandstone world of undulating walls.
Bureau of Land Management
801 688 3230

Land Yachting across the Mojave Desert
Sail through an endless desert
basin with screaming runaway
gusts on your precariously
teetering wheeled contraption.
U.S. Manta Association
805 264 4270
Mountaineering in the Bugaboos
Pick your way through
hazardous glacial edges and
vertiginous drops to reach
jagged summits with rope
and ice axe.
Canadian Mountain Holidays
403 762 7100

Rowing a Dory through the Grand Canyon
Navigate through turbulent maelstroms of churning water between the craggy gorges of the most spectacular canyon on earth.
Grand Canyon Expeditions
435 644 2691

Ice Sailing on the Hudson River
Fly across tide warped floes
as frigid wind gusts power
classic ice yachts and yank
the tears from your eyes.
Hudson River Ice Yacht Club
914 876 6087

Goat Packing through the Escalante Wilderness
Saddle up the livestock for a backpacked animal train that scampers the unexplored soaring cliffs and petrified dunes of Utah.
Wind River Pack Goats
307 332 3328