Nights to Imagine: Magical Places to Stay in America has been crowned "most inspiring book" of the decade by Glamour magazine and moved Dr. Ruth to write "take my advice and get this book". CNN proclaimed Guttman "one of the premiere travel photographers and writers" and the book spawned a television pilot for a planned series to be hosted by its author.

Nights to Imagine unveils a treasury of magical overnights that avoid the bumper-to-bumper monotony of ordinary travel. Spend a dreamy evening high among the swaying branches at an ancient forest treehouse or underwater in a tropical lagoon teeming with parrotfish. Wake up to the tune of your riverboat's calliope or scan the infinite panorama from your mountaintop fire lookout tower. Complete directories provide the roadmap for creating a special bedtime fantasy.

Adventures to Imagine: Thrilling Escapes in North America, was named winner of the 1998 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Travel Guide and was responsible, along with Nights to Imagine, for the Society of American Travel Writers recognizing Guttman as the Silver Grand Award-winning Travel Journalist of the Year 1998, a Pulitzer-level honor for the travel industry, citing him as "a one-man multimedia threat." The book also prompted Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York to write "how enchanted, enthralled and overwhelmed I was by the vital essence and tangible spirit of adventure that leapt out of the pages!...packed with a powerful message".

Adventures to Imagine tantalizes both thrill seekers and armchair travellers with an adrenaline-pumping roster of astonishing pursuits. Answer the call of the wild by dogsledding through a wintry fairytale landscape or engage in a precarious dodgeball game tornado chasing across the Great Plains. Hug a cuddly harp seal amongst the bulging ice floes on the Gulf of St. Lawrence or sail a land yacht across the vast mirages of the Mojave Desert. Detailed contacts arm the intrepid with the tools to fulfill their aspirations.

Worlds to Imagine: Dream Journeys for Romantic Travellers captured for Guttman the Gold Grand Award as the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year 2000, the judges writing "his work is filled with joy, beauty and insight". The Atlanta Journal Constitution was caught gushing "reads like a map of the planet's G-spots", and while Entertainment Weekly found the book "utterly seductive", Time International felt that "visually the espresso sized coffee table book is a joy".

Worlds to Imagine seduces romantic explorers with a candy-box assortment of mythic dreamscapes and epic adventures. Track gorillas through the misty rainforests of Uganda or board an icebreaker for a journey to the planet's most noted piece of real estate at the North Pole. Dine with headhunters inside their primitive Borneo longhouse or feed hungry reef sharks in Bora Bora's luscious emerald lagoons. Concise practical information provide the blueprints to wandering spirits for journeys-of-a-lifetime.