Bowens Island
James Island, South Carolina
Dug from adjoining tidal marshes and literally served at your table by the shovelful, jumbo bivalves grace this succulent oyster roast at a ramshackle Low Country hideaway
843 795 2757
(September until April)

Pitchfork Fondue
Medora, North Dakota
Far into the North Dakota outback, marbled slabs of rib-eye steak are stabbed by pitchfork prongs and are cauldron-simmered in a juicy cowboy fondue.
800 633 6721
(June until September)

Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House
Lynchburg, Tennessee
When the dinner bell rings, famished diners rush to this former boarding house's communal tables for a scrumptious Jack Daniels-laced groaning board of Southern country cooking.
931 759 7394

Cabbage Island Clambakes
Cabbage Island, Maine
Sail out to a rugged granitic islet where seaweed and lobster are steamed into a flavorful clambake blanket and served with a soundtrack of seagulls.
207 633 7200
(late June until September)

Farm at Frost Corner
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Thanksgiving dinner is cooked in a hearth from colonial recipes that emit a smoky time-travel fragrance throughout this rural 18th Century farmhouse.
603 569 1773

White Gull Inn Fish Boil
Fish Creek, Wisconsin
In the Scandinavian reaches of picturesque Door County, a kettle's inferno cooks up a bountiful whitefish spectacle during weekly displays of lumberjack tradition.
920 868 3517
(May through October)

Windy Hill Farm
Worthington, Massachusetts
Crackers and pickles are meant to counterbalance the bowls of drizzled maple-sweet stickiness in the sugar on snow served at this rustic seasonal sugarhouse.
413 238 5919
(February to April)

Annual Feast of the Ramson
Richwood, West Virginia
The mayor distributes breath mints during this stinky ramp banquet created from that pungent, garlicky wild sprout that's an awaited harbinger of Appalachian spring.
304 846 6790
(late April)

Red Roost Crab House
Whitehaven, Maryland
Hidden inside Chesapeake's remote marshes, a converted chicken coop echoes with the crack of mallets beneath crab basket chandeliers that honor this spiced crustacean.
410 546 5443
(mid-March through October)

Crown Heights Matzoh Bakery
Brooklyn, New York
An Old-World bakery is rabbinically choreographed as crispy razor-thin matzoh is yanked from fiery ovens behind an unmarked Brooklyn storefromt.
718 778 7914
(December until April)